Keep Your Complete Drape As New till Decades


In our last blog we talk about saree cover that what quality we have available and in saree cover, how can your sarees protect from moisture and keep as fresh for decades but with saree some other parts of saree which make the clothes complete in style. We tell you about how can you safe your blouse and with thin/underskirt pieces too. That means we want to keep your complete Drape as new for decades.



Quality of Cover

Favism made in satin both blouse and petticoat cover with shiny and lustrous material and the quality is very fine so you can easily adjust it in your wardrobe it is made with three layers first is with satin fabric and the second layer is of form and the third layer of non – woven fabric. We all know that every type of fabric is of many qualities low, medium, and high, and of course, Favism used top quality in its product because Favism motive is to earn the trust of customers, not money. That’s why Favism provides the best quality in its product at a reasonable rate. It is stitched with two–way branded zip to cover a case.  We already told you in our blogs that Favism does its own manufacturing. And it is India’s company


In the blouse cover there is the use of both satin and transparent plastic 30mm sheet in every cover.


Color of Cover  


Favism uses three colors in products and are Maroon, Golden, and Purple all three colors are very liked by our customers.  Other than this these are very pleasant colors. The cover looks more beautiful and presentable. Favism uses the same three colors in the saree as well as remain both blouse and petticoat. So you can keep the complete clothes in one kind of color.


Size of the Blouse cover


  1. 5-inch height blouse cover – Dimension of the cover is (39*12*24) cm. In this size of the cover, you can place 5-7 blouse pieces easily. It is transparent from the side. There is an additional small pocket available in the cover on the front, and the set is available in this size is 2 pcs. combo, 4 pcs. combo & 6 pcs. combo set.

In this size, there is a combo of two pieces which is fully transparent from the front side.

                                         Blouse cover


  1. 4-inch height blouse cover - Dimension of the cover is (40*10*24) cm. In this size of the cover, you can place 4-6 blouse pieces easily transparent pocket in it. You can find it without any hassle and your heavy and expensive stitched blouse will be safe and secure.


In this size, there is a set of 2 pcs. combo, 4 pcs. combo & 6 pcs. combo set,  which is fully transparent from the front side, base & side of the cover is of satin cloth. It is decorated with a handmade flower which is made of satin cloth which makes it looks more beautiful from another cover. Although other covers are still beautiful.

                                        Blouse cover

Favism always makes the items as per its customer needs, that’s why it already makes a cover to think about complete style safe and secure. And in the complete style now there is one thing remaining which Favism has already been created but we did not discuss it yet. So, let come to the next point.



Petticoat cover


Quality of petticoat cover


Although the quality of the cover is best as the quality of saree cover and blouse cover there is nothing differentiates in brand and color too. There is also the availability of three colors maroon, golden, and purple it is the same as branded two-way zip, topmost satin fabric, and cover the sides of a transparent plastic sheet.


Size of the cover


4-inch height petticoat cover –   In petticoat cover, there is only a single size and that is (39*10*25) cm you can easily keep 4-6 petticoats very easily. The set is available in this size 2 pcs. combo, 4 pcs. combo set. It is completely made of satin fabric and the sides are of the transparent plastic sheet due to its fine quality you can easily adjust it in your closet. There is the use of good quality fabric and plastic sheet which results that it will be durable for a long time.



Transparent blouse / Petticoat Cover - It is a big full square piece made of the same transparent sheet which we discuss above. The dimension of the cover is 34*20*25 because of its large size you can easily place 10 – 12 pieces of your garment.  And due to its thickness, it will be durable and can say because of its quality it's durable


There are multiple uses of this cover you can use this cover as a blouse, petticoat, and other garments cover because of its size. And its major benefit is that it is made of complete transparency. To give a beautiful there is stitched rexine pippin around the corners of cover same as transparent saree cover. The pack is available in this size 2 pcs. combo, 4 pcs. combo & 6 pcs. combo set.

                               Blouse cover & petticoat cover



Favism did not only make a saree cover but it makes another part of it to keep the whole part of your drapes. So, you can expensively drape with all of its other pieces separated and protected and when you make it out from the cover it will give you a beautiful look just because you just place it in a protected way. Which helps you make it ready in minutes.  Finally, I want to say one thing that Favism keeps your whole drape safe and fresh.


Thank you so much for loving our products and keep shopping :)

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