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Saree is the most ancient ethnic Indian wear; Saree is considering very auspicious in every Indian term like in worships mostly ladies wear saree. In ancient times and even now at the time of the wedding girls wear saree to complete the rituals. And even some states girls wear the saree to complete the circulations at the wedding. In ancient times it was 9 meters long. But now its standard size is 5.5 meters long. Saree is draped in different ways in the different Indian states. This is the most priceless thing for every Indian lady. So, safety is a must of this priceless thing.

That’s why we bring for you a fabulous item that keeps your priceless thing protected and that is the Favism Satin Saree cover.

Saree cover used for arranging sarees at one place and to keep safe and always whenever to wear get always ready and fresh. Keep things in an organizing manner always save time and give you feel good. This means if you need to at the last minute somewhere and the point is oh! No, no saree is ready, some need to press, some have in the laundry or at dry cleaner place now what and at the time you remember sarees at keeping safe in your cover then it will be lottery yes or no, of course, Yes!

So, ladies to keep your wardrobe always in an organized manner. Favism brings some organizers for you in which we talk about saree cover.

There are many varieties of saree cover in Favism but the apex quality is Satin Saree cover which we talk about in this blog.


Satin Saree Cover

 Satin saree cover is best in quality due to its fabric it is soft and easily adjust in wardrobe. Available in all sizes so you can buy according to your stuff. It is available for one saree as well many sarees too. And the range is reasonable. So, you no need to worry about your pocket

 You will get the best quality at a reasonable price at Favism, so organize your wardrobe under your pocket. Make your stuff always new.


Sizes and features of the cover


Big size cover ( 10” Height ) - The size of the cover is 41*20*33 this is a big size and you can use this piece for almost eight to ten heavy sarees. To keep safe and fresh for always ready to wear. In this size available combo is of six pieces. You can choose your pieces if you want to take less than or more than pieces so you can buy them easily. In the same size, the combo is available of 2 pcs. combo pack, 4 pcs. combo pack, and 6 pcs. combo pack set and if you want to buy single so you can take it freely.

                                      big closet organizers



Large size cover ( 5” & 6” Height ) - The size of the cover is (L*H*W) (40*14*24) so you can make the idea that you can easily keep four heavy parties wear sarees and lightweight sarees easily six-piece adjusts. It is a combo available of 3 pcs. combo pack and 6 pcs. combo pack cover sets.

               Closet storage box                 Saree Cover


Cover only for two ( 2” Height ) – Favism keeps all the things in mind, in today’s time mostly girls don’t like to wear saree their wardrobe only will get one or two so, we have cover only for two sarees. If you want so you can pick it for one heavy saree, suppose if you need to go any marriage and you want to take safe side for your saree so you can easily keep it in cover for carrying. It is a combo available of 6 pcs. combo pack and 12 pcs combo pack cover sets and this cover is also the best option for marriage and gifting purposes for heavy sarees.

                bridal saree cover       heavy saree cover


Single saree cover – The dimension of the cover is 40*34 cm that means if you want to keep a heavy single saree separately and properly mostly in weddings ladies wear stone work sarees which need to keep separate save from tangled with other clothes. So, we have availability of a single saree cover. 6 pcs combo and 12 pcs combo set of this size cover means you can keep separate sarees in one place without the fear of tangled.

                                  Single Saree Cover



Color of the Covers

There are three colors in every size and they are golden, maroon, and Purple and three colors shades are pleasant and give standard look to your wardrobe.


Quality of the Covers

Quality of Satin saree cover is the apex in Favism mostly it is most selling product because of its quality, there will be no zip issues, no torn cloth problem, long term usage and as well as beautiful.  


How Is It Made

The saree cover is made from shiny lustrous fabric, the satin fabric is designed with three layers the upper layer with satin fabric second one with foam, and in the base with also satin material, and some of our products base comes in non-woven fabric,  which helps in protecting your drapes from environmental damage. Your drapes, it is two-way closure zip ways to cover it and you can also check our products finishing its proper Kaju katli shape that makes this cover more beautiful and durable.



 Favism saree cover keeps your saree protected on regular basis, keep fabric always as new for years, don’t let come moisture cloth, keep your stuff dust free.

The Favism saree covers are most useful and beautiful so you can give them as a wedding gift to the bride or your favorite one to keep their favorite drapes safely.

Thank you so much for loving our products and keep shopping :)

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