How men keep your wardrobe well organized



Still, whenever the things about the organized, whether it’s about their home organization, wardrobe organized and anything the ladies win the hearts because the market also set the minded that all the things used only by women but now, the time reveals and men are not least, in this case, they could also manage the things well and they do. But the difference is that it is never a discussion topic if anyone visits the office of men so you will see it’s more appropriately organized than women's house. If the chance gives men to organize their wardrobes so they will be more organized, Favism brings some organizers for men’s wardrobes too.


The benefit of wardrobe cover

As the benefit of cover, the fabric of your dress remains fresh and gives a look as new for decades. Nowadays normal pant shirt is also expensive so in that case, keeping them with care is natural. Keep them without cover the color of the attire fades and is not shiny as before and to take care of their outfits and if you keep with safety in airtight cover, it will give you always a new look. I am very sure you must hear the line “if you keep your gear, it will keep your personality” Along with this keep your wardrobe organized.

The most useful in traveling is you can easily keep the cover in your suitcase so that you can easily find out the things and while in return you can separate your clothes too. When we return house, the things are very messy washed and unwashed clothes always mixed. But now with the Favism cover, you can organize your wardrobe well.


Types of Shirt/ T-shirt and trousers/ Jeans Cover

Favism brings two types of cover the first is a transparent material cover and the second one is in parachute material shirt and trouser cover let’s see the benefits of both.


Parachute fabric Cover

Parachute cover is very light weighted strong in quality and very flexible that’s why this consider an idol fabric for packaging. The covers look beautiful when you keep them in your wardrobe and will look more decent. The cover is more of fine quality and has durability in cover

Look at the cover the looks are so beautiful and the second thing is when your wardrobe is well organized so, it will look automatically good. The design of the cover is in the shape of a shirt and trousers. The shirt cover is designed from the shirt and the trouser is of trouser shape so you will easily identify.

The cover is transparent from the sides so you can identify your outfit and which outfit you want to wear on what day no need to find the things in a hurry and the big thing is you will save yourself from getting delayed and messing with the wardrobe, Isn’t a cool thing.

It looks too beautiful that you can also gift them to anyone. There are branded zip on two sides to cover the case


Availability of color on the cover


The color is very decent that make a moon to your wardrobe and you will indeed like there is the availability of color only maroon shade this color is very demanded than other colors we have like different colors in ladies’ garments cover but all the stats when we see that the people like demanding only this color, so Favism decides to make only this color for men’s wardrobe.


Size of shirt cover


The dimension of the cover is 40 cm in length, 14 cm in height, and 27 centimeters in the width this dimension said its own that has enough space to place five to eight shirts comfortably. The remaining things about the quality and looks we already told you that it's very durable and fine quality due to the fine nature you can easily adjust in your wardrobe.

In this size, two combos are available three- and six-piece combos. The price of the shirt cover is very reasonable.



Size of the trouser cover


The dimension of the cover is 41 cm in length, 13 cm in height and 33 cm are widths you can place your maximum eight pairs of trousers in one place whether it is in jeans or normal pants doesn’t matter. There are transparent sides so you can easily identify the attire which you want to wear without creating any mess.


Transparent Shirt and Trouser Cover


These types of cover are wholly transparent from the top, and both sides it is made up of with 30mm thick plastic sheet so that’s why there is surety of quality-wise add there is the lining of rexine in two colors golden and silver color along with there is two-way zip to cover the case the zip is also branded.

It is also good for your wardrobe because of its transparency it has its own benefit, you will get clearer about things. One more thing there is nothing separate from the transparent cover it is one for both and you can use this organizer for any other garments too.

Like sometimes we pack our off-season clothes and later we find which cover we kept so, you can for this, it is the completely perfect cover for covering up your off-season cloth.

  Shirt T-shirt organizer


Dimension of the cover


The length of the cover is 42 cm height is about 16 cm and the width is 26 cm you can place your eight to 10 pieces of any kind of garment very easily it is an extra-large size. Garments like a shirt /t-shirt, Denim/trousers any other garments like any leather jacket another thing most fluffy clothes you can keep easily. and your set of heavy three-piece or any party wear attire which is not regular wear you can two sets easily in one transparent cover and at the time of wearing you can easily find your favorite one.

There is a combo of two, four, and six-piece the three of the combo have the same dimension and both colors are available silver and golden.



Bring a Favism cover to your wardrobe to make it more beautiful and well-organized. These festival men keep your wardrobe well organized. Even this looks beautiful and useful item so you can gift it to anyone without any second thought. We are very sure you will order one item you will keep ordering our Favism fabulous organizers.


Thank you so much for loving our products and keep shopping :) 

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