How can you keep your expensive designer outfit with safety

Lehnga is one of the best and popular Indian traditional attires. This is that attire which is available for young to elder ladies and this is much trend even in 2021 above sixty ladies wear in a wedding and at someplace in India its uses as dress code like if you will visit Punjab there you will see the ladies of every age wearing salwar suit and in like Rajasthan, Gujarat regions you will find that the ladies in ghagra choli. Lehenga considers a very cultural dress for India or Of India. And it is available in all styles like in Jaipuri design, silk, Banarsi silk, georgette, chiffon, net, cotton, etc., mostly available in all fabrics and styles, design. When the lady gets ready with this turnout looks beautiful. When something makes someone more beautiful that thing so such thing becomes priceless for that person and we bring keep safety for your most expensive outfit


Benefits of Lehnga cover

Favism brings a variety of covers for your expensive Lehnga. Where you can keep the dress safe and secure and when will you take out of it will give you knew and fresh look as like a new one. Actually, it’s not possible to purchase such expensive attire for every function. So, it’s really necessary to keep with all over safety. Along with the safety, the keeps thing looks beautiful in your wardrobe.

The expensive outfit needs the care to keep as new for decades for that we bring a variety of organizers which keep your expensive attire safe and secure for decades.

The most benefit of the cover that it will protect the outfit from moisture which of the most reason that your stonework will always be shine and never be faded from your expensive outfit.  Some cloth fabric catches the fur easily. Which finish the shine of new attire, soon if you want to save it from fur, moisture then keep it in a zip cover. Which saves from moisture.


Types of Cover


Favism has two types of cover, one is in satin material and the second one is in full thick transparent material; both have their own benefits.


Satin Lehenga Cover

Satin lehenga and suit cover looks very beautiful in looking and if you will gift bride to anyone so it will look good you can choose as an option of a good gift for the girl who would be going to marry. It will be proven good as a gift to keep expensive wedding trousseau with safety.  It's as softer so you can adjust it anywhere. It also looks good if you won't carry your expensive and heavy outfit for a party different from the suitcase. Because heavy dresses can’t place with other outfits. So, if you are going in any marriage so you can keep your attire different from others.

The cover is secure with branded zip chain to close the cover securely.

lehanga & suit cover


Colour of the Lehnga cover

 There are three colours available in satin fabric Golden, Purple, and Maroon and the three colours are available and very demanding, the three colours look so beautiful to keep in your wardrobe and if you carry somewhere too. Satin lustrous and shiny cover fabric with these colours makes a moon to your wardrobe.


Dimension of Satin Lehenga Cover

 The dimension of the cover is 56*14*34 it is in a rectangular shape. So, you can guess that your heavy expensive outfit can easily place on this cover, Outfit-like heavy crop top-dresses, Heavy jerkin work lehenga, heavy work gowns Banarsi Lehenga, or any balloon dresses types. These dresses are very heavy and hard to adjust in the wardrobe normally.

There are three combos set is available on the cover of 2 pcs. pack, 3 pcs. pack, and 4 pcs. pack.


Transparent Lehnga Cover

 Transparent lehnga cover or keep off your other heavy expensive attire is the most benefit is about this cover that you can see that your wardrobe which outfit you keep at your which cover. You can find out your dresses at the end up of the moment and get ready easily and fast. Because you will not have to find your dresses which is very time taken process.

Transparent Storage box

The Dimension of the cover is 56* 20* 34. You can keep your dresses very comfortably in cover this cover is in height you can keep your light dresses two and most heavy one. There is a pippin of rexine in two colours silver and gold and two-way zip. It’s Well space cover too. There are three combos set is available on the cover of 3 pcs. pack, and 4 pcs. pack.



Favism brings safety to your every attire. That is when you wear your favourite turnout so everyone looks at you by turning again and again. Because Favism organizers keep your outfit fresh and new for a long time. There is a reason behind that because there is the use of good quality fabric made in satin all organizers have two-way zip which doesn’t let enter the moisture and any insect both are the main reason of spoiling fabric of the dress in which Favism organizers do not let it.


Thank you so much for loving our products and keep shopping :) 

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