Find clothes without the hassle: Transparent saree cover



Today, we talk about transparent material saree cover, you will not get hassle the finds the things in your wardrobe, and save from a mess because you will see clearly the items in transparent saree cover and take it out to drape. Isn’t it an interesting thing, when you are in hurry, and at that time you no need to find your favorite drapes. It helps you save time.

Let’s see what have other qualities and Benefits of Favism Transparent Saree Cover or wardrobe organizers.


Introduction of Quality


Favism made transparent saree cover with the thickness of 30 mm transparent material sheet, and the use of branded zip which helps in cover the case.  Purpose of telling the quality and which the plastic sheet is used that you can stuff more ant it will be safe and the cover will be long lasting and rexine material pippin all around make this cover more beautiful and durable.


Availability of colors


There are two colors pippin in around the corner of cover that is silver and gold which make it more beautiful. The pippin is made of rexine material.


Size of cover


Not just we have quality and color even we have a size in this material. Which makes it more demanding. You can buy it according to your stuff. And the big thing is that you can find your drapes without hassle because of their transparency. So let see about the size and in which size how many sarees can place.


Big Size Cover ( 9” Height ) – The size of the cover is 41*20*33, I am sure you can make the idea that easily you can place your 8 – 10 sarees and clothes in cover comfortably it is a combo of 2 pcs pack, 4 pcs pack & 6 pcs pack means at a reasonable rate you will get the different combo pack saree cover in the same size and it is much pretty that you can gift to anyone.

                                      Transparent closet organizer


2.5-inch height saree cover - The size of the cover is 40*8.5* 33 cm saree cover there is the availability of 2 – 3 sarees in this cover like if you have any heavy embroidered sarees want to keep separate from others so you can choose the option of it because there is fear of embroidered saree that is tangled with other sarees thread. So, you can heavy one type of sarees keeps at one cover. Which is spacious for that. The combo available in this size cover 3 pcs. pack, 6 pcs. pack and 12 pcs. pack set and this cover is also best for wedding purposes you can use this cover in the wedding as a gift of heavy saree keep in it.



Single saree cover - The dimension of the cover is 40*34 cm. Here you can keep your favorite every single saree on a different cover which means this size of the cover is only for one. that means if you need to carry single sarees somewhere so, you just wrap the one saree in this beautiful and carry out. If we look for another purpose you can gift a saree sometimes, we have a saree which we want to gift but the gift box is not available because we through it because of filling extra space, so you no need to worry because Favism brings a single transparent saree cover with superb quality and durability. If you will gift the saree in the cover. it will look beautiful and more presentable as well.

Now, we talk about combo which is a more interesting part of this size here, Favism brings a combo of 6 pcs. pack and 12 pcs. pack. That means you can use it in two ways like keep 12 sarees in 12 covers and keep it in large bags so, your heavy and expensive sarees will always be as new and fresh for a long time and when you wear everyone will “when you buy, it looking beautiful”. And everyone likes compliments. And second way we already told that you can use as gift packing. So, hurry up guys.

                               Transparent single saree cover




I am sure everyone listens to the line “if we care about the cloth so it will care of us “Favism brings that care for your heavy, expensive, and favorite cloth. With superb quality and it is durable. Favism wants to provide the best quality to its customers.


Thank you for loving our products and keep shopping :)

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