FAVISM - Our First Step

FAVISM is not just a name or venture, it’s a feeling for me and I am attached with my venture. In the middle of 2015, I thought of quitting my job and starting my own business. I came to Kolkata to do business and started my company called Annapurna Sales. This was my first baby step in the business world.

In January 2016, I launched my products in an e-commerce portal with limited products. The customers started liking our products and quality a lot. Their positive and appreciative responses became the testimony of my work and the services rendered to them.

From the beginning we had just started with a limited range of saree & garment covers, then slowly we added ranges to it like different materials and types of saree covers, blouse covers, petticoat covers, ghagra/lehenga covers, salwar suit covers, bridal sets, bags and accessories, makeup kits/ boxes and pouches. In 2018 we launched a new category which was newborn baby & clothing. Customers also liked our newborn baby category products because we serve the best quality products to them.

Something was still missing in the business. From the very beginning, I wanted my products to be a brand, and in 2019, I registered my brand called FAVISM. My only motto from the beginning was to give good quality products to the customers and it will always remain the same. I have never compromised with the quality of my products to date. I have delivered 400000+ units so far and 99% of our customers are happy with our products, quality, and service and 70-75% are our repeat customers.

This is our first step which I am sharing with you. I will tell you how I started my website and grew my business In our next article.

Stay tuned for our beautiful journey. Keep Shopping!!!

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