Favism – journey begins


In the previous article, I told you how I started my business, now I will tell you my Struggle Story in this article. How I started my websites and why I choose these types of products instead of clothing & high selling products.

Why I choose these types of products - From the very beginning, I knew that the products I selected were not in high demand and the competition is very high, but I wanted to sell non-branded products and I could brand them but branding a product was not an easy task. I had to go through a lot of struggles and problems when I started, but I did hard work on my products to make them brand, and day by day customers love our products and I added more and more products to them. 

Website journey - When I thought of launching my website in 2020, I did not know about the website. After research and learn about the website, when I launched my website, and the other day when I received my 1st order from my website, that feeling was awesome. Our website's journey started in 2020 after the end of 7 months when customers purchase from our website, then many customers know about our brand because we already sell on the different e-commerce website. This 7-month journey was very good, customers started liking the quality and service of our products a lot and received so much positive feedback from our customers. On our websites, 99% of our customers are very happy with our products, quality, and service, and 70-75% are our repeat customers.


Here began our brand journey FAVISM, and now I want to make it a successful brand because it’s not only a venture it’s a feeling for me.

Stay tuned with our beautiful journey, more articles come in future

Stay connected & shopping with us !! J

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